Kelly's Irish Stone Brewed Light

Atlanta Brewing Co


Ever wish for a light beer with flavor, but thought it didn't exist? Ever want a beer for an event like a Super Bowl party, where you wanted something drinkeable, yet not too heavy that you couldn't throw down several while sitting through those great commercials? This is your beer. Brewed with the Stone Brewing process (too long too explain, either buy this beer and read the carton, or buy a Michael Jackson book, this is yet another fine creation from the ABC, and almost a miracle to boot! A drinkable light beer! Still light in flavor, texture, and finish, but not watery or flat. Pretty expensive if you are in a Miller Lite mood, but if you fall into the two categories I mentioned above, or if you actually cash a paycheck that didn't make the bank teller laugh, then go for it.

Reviewed: April 19, 1999

Rating: 8/10

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