Rogue Shakespeare Stout

Rogue Ales


Where to start. Hmmm. OK, this was absolutely awesome. I tried it on the recommendation from the beer reviewer's column in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, when he stated that if he had to choose between this, Guiness, and Sierra Nevada, he would have taken Rogue. Having tried all three now, I agree wholeheartedly. We all know how stouts should taste, so I won't go into all that colorful language, except to say, "Drink this, feel good, end of story." This is the stout on which you should learn to love stouts. This was worth $3.78 for the bottle. Oh, and I also agree with the AJC column on his belief that it's more of an oatmeal stout, which I have grown to love (see Sam Smith).

Reviewed: July 05, 1999

Rating: 9/10

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