Maclay Oat Malt Stout

Maclay & Co ltd


There's nothing really special about this stout. It was kind of bland, really. Nothing that stood out. It certainly didn't have the powerful flavors that Sam Smith's had. Which brings me to this conclusion (and people of Scotland, please correct me): Since this is the 2nd Maclay beer I've had, and both were hardly standouts in their respective classes, that Maclay must be the Scottish Bud. No, bad comparison, because I would actually have a Maclay beer again (if it was cheaper). Maybe the Scottish Miller.....a beer made for the masses (and Americans who can pay $2.99 for a 1/2L of bottled beer). On the upside, I'm getting used to stouts. Whoopee.

Reviewed: August 01, 1999

Rating: 4/10

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