Aass Bock Beer

Aass Brewery


I'll be honest....I bought this beer because I wanted to finish it off, slam the glass on the table, and say "That's a Good Aass Beer!" Didn't quite happen. This Aass was good, but it wasn't a fantastic Aass. I look forward to the lighter Aass, the lager. You definitely don't want to pound this Aass, rather, sip this Aass slowly and enjoy it. It was a pretty hoppy Aass, fairly bitter for a bock, not as rich as they normally are. I guess that's what makes this a special Aass. The label has a goat pounding a beer (presumably an Aass). That's one wild Aass brewery! Oh, this is from Norway's oldest brewery, in case you care about something other than the name.

Reviewed: August 01, 1999

Rating: 7/10

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