Abita Turbodog

Abita Brewing Co


Reviewed by popular demand. This was quite good, but I think it would be better treated as a seasonal, maybe in the fall or winter (in defense, though, I live in Atlanta where, because of all the freakin' asphalt, it's always hot). Thick, malty, dark, aromatic, woody flavored, this has it all. I would have no problem trying their other beers based on this experience. This was a good "best foot forward" for Abita, I think. I have to note, that I tried this based on a recommendation from Emeril, the guy from the Food Network (Bamm!, crank it up a notch, etc), because he cooks with this beer...he hit this out of the park!

Reviewed: August 23, 1999

Rating: 8/10

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