Aass Genuine Pilsner

Aass Brewery


This was a good Aass beer, but not a great Aass beer. Better than the Bock Aass, but only because here in Atlanta it's hotter than the friggin' sun, so a light pilsner tasted oh so smooth. Cooled me down considerably. Pretty hoppy, and was on the verge of going bad, I think...another week, and it would have made Keystone (bottled beer taste in a can) look good. This is the ideal beer if you want to add to your bottle collection (because the bottle is funny-shaped), but I could have gotten the same result from Red Brick Summer Brew, at a cheaper price. I guess then, the Bock was a little better when judged overall (and on a slightly cooler day).

Reviewed: August 30, 1999

Rating: 6/10

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