Brewery Hill Caramel Porter

Brewery Hill Brewing Co


This beer kicks some Anheuser ass! I only wish I had more than one sample to try. According to the label, there were once more than two dozen breweries in NE Pennsylvania and this brewery is the last one. If it was because of the quality of the beer they make, I wouldn't be surprised at all. This is a great tasting, smooth, beer. You can definitely taste the caramel and chocolate combo in this beer. Dare I say mmm mmm good? Anyway, I wouldn't recommend this to your average buttwiper drinker as a) he wouldn't appreciate it, and b) it would knock him over after 2 or 3. In addition to being yummy (is that a word?), this is rather strong. If you're in PA, try some.

Reviewed: September 13, 1999

Rating: 8/10

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