Asahi Super Dry Draft Beer

Asahi Beer Co


I think Sherwin Williams and Gliddens have a potential lawsuit for copyright infringement. For those who don't get my subtlety, this tasted like paint. Not that I've ever tasted paint, but for those who know the smell, you can imagine what it might taste like. If you can't, try Asahi Super Dry, and that will clear up the mystery. This was awful. This may be a candidate for my Worst list. This came in a 2/3 L bottle, most of which I poured out. I have a greater respect for my taste buds than that. Many of you may pull the Anchor Rule: It travelled a great distance, give it a second try. Bull. Much like Foster's, it is brewed in Canada by Molson. And since Molson makes a pretty good product, I will have to say that it was Asahi's own crappy recipe that made this the crap that it is, not brewing methods, and certainly not distance. I am going out on a PC limb here, but I suggest they stick to electronics, cause this beer sucked. Bud is better.

Reviewed: September 13, 1999

Rating: 0/10

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