Tupper's Hop Pocket Ale

Old Dominion Brewing Co


If you love hops in a beer like a junkie loves smack, then this is what you need to drink when you're jones'in for some hops. This is true to its name, and if one uses hops as a preservative, this beer will be good forever. However, I found that this beer didn't have too many other things going for it. If you have a variety of beers in your fridge, be careful not to reach for this one after mowing the lawn. This is the kind of thing you drink after raking the leaves or at the end of the last sailing day of the season. Unfortunately, it takes a special occasion to drink this (at least for me), as I didn't have too much ambition to throw the rest down at leisure at any other time. Pretty good, but there's a lot of pretty good cars out there, doesn't mean you're going to buy one.

Reviewed: October 02, 1999

Rating: 4/10

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