Kirin Ichiban Special Premium Reserve



(Note this is brewed in the US by Anheuser-Busch) While not that great a beer, it's probably one of Busch's better beers. This tasted kind of flat and metallic, like it had been sitting in the can for a long time. The fact that this was a bottled beer makes that disturbing. This is drinkable, as I did finish off all 12 ounces, but drinkable is not the adjective you want to hear in regards to a beer over $5 a six pack. There are plenty of drinkable beers out there. By the way, not only is this brewed for the American market by Busch, when brewed in Japan it's made by Japan's largest brewery. A megabrew through and through, and we know their standards of quality.

Reviewed: October 26, 1999

Rating: 3/10

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