Arkansas Ale

Old Fort Brew Pub Inc


This completes the trifecta of the Weidman's beers that I am likely to try. Let me sum up the conversation I had with my wife when trying this. Me: "Eeeww, it smells like vomit. It really does." Amy: "But you're going to try it anyway?" Me: "Yeah, I can't review it based on smell alone." That's where I should've listened to my (much wiser) wife. Rule of thumb: That which produces a vomit-like smell, likely produces a vomit-like taste as well. This beer is the thesis for that hypothesis. Crap, this sucked. Compared to when my (2 month old) daughter spat up on my face? That tasted better than this beer. So help me God, that is NOT an exaggeration. Plus, that freaked me out less. How the hell does one reproduce that taste? This beer sullies the good name of crap. Also, another example of the cool label-crappy beer theory.

Reviewed: October 26, 1999

Rating: 0/10

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