Kirin Lager



While this does have the redeeming quality of 5.5% alcohol, I am convinced that this is the Japanese Miller High Life, evidenced by the slogans on the can ("Good Value and Quality" and "Brewed for Good Times"). This is entirely unremarkable. I feel bad for my friend who brought this back from Japan, because this took up space in his luggage. Hell, I could've bought this beer here, but it would've had a Budweiser label on it. This is the perfect beer for all of those people having fun in the cigarrette ads. I was able to finish this, and it didn't burn or anything, but the effort wasn't worth the end product.

Reviewed: November 23, 1999

Rating: 3/10

In Asia you'll find this stuff in oversized cans with these dragon spouts to tap it with. You can tell it's the kind of beer you buy when you're planning to have a big pisser. It's that kind of beer. Drinkable but a bit of a rice funk to it. I think that if you drank a lot of this you'd feel sick the next morning. Even after a couple I had a bit of gut rot within the hour. Or maybe that was the squid balls. Oh the things you do when you're drinking in the far east.

Reviewed: March 03, 2007

Rating: 3/10

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