Coors Brewing Co


This malted alcoholic beverage started the whole trend of drinks that aren't quite beer, aren't quite wine coolers, and still no one is sure what to make of people who drink them. Are they gay? Are they tired of beer? Are they just trying to jump on a bandwagon quicker than Ricki Lake on a liberal cause (or a jelly donut)? I think it's a little of all three. Seriously, this isn't too bad, although I prefer the more lemony ones, but only because I'm aware that it's hard to look gay with a wedding ring, and I am secure with my manhood. This tasted kind of like a Sprite with a bit of alcohol, which rumor has it that this has quite a bit of. However, I have a real hard time believing that the brothers on an inner-city basketball court are going to ask for this after a hot, sweaty game. Maybe that sissy-looking guy in the dance club who gets frozen to the pole, but definitely not the brothers.

Reviewed: September 22, 2001

Rating: 5/10

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