Paulaner Original Munich Lager

Paulaner-Salvator-Thomasbräu Brewery


Lagers are rarely special. However, one comes along every now and then to remind us that the lager is the perfect, all around beer. You can drink it anytime you want. Before, during, or after dinner. At a ball game or barbecue, at a fine dinner at a holiday, in front of a fire, in the hot sun. This is the standard bearer for those beers. Light, crisp, easy to drink, fresh tasting (brown bottle, Bud-snobs), and tasty. I chose Saturday in front of the college football games to drink this. Mind you, you're paying for the privilege, but it's worth it to have a good beer. Bud makes this style, but if theirs tasted this good, no one would drink Miller.

Reviewed: January 04, 2000

Rating: 8/10

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