Warsaw Porter

Browar Warszawski


Normally I don't like porters. Pick your reason, they're too thick, too strong, they have all these extra flavors, whatever. But this was different. Yeah, it was thick, and strong, and it had this chocolate-ish flavor to it, but there was more. Unfortunately, it was stronger than I'm used to, so I don't remember what that "more" was. Ok, so I'm a lightweight. So what. I leave most reviews to Steve. Anyway, I can't read Polish, but there's a 9.5% on the label, and if that's the alcohol content, this would make a lightweight out of most of you, too. Another good thing about this was it got me through some stupid movie on VH1 about a one-hit wonder band called the Wonders. Big plus there.

Reviewed: April 21, 2000

Rating: 7/10

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