Sublime Hard Raspberry Lemonade

Long Beach Brewing Co


This is one of those malt beverages, that is supposed to be cooler than wine coolers. Elvis-cool, not temperature, that is. I suppose this is a bit better than a wine cooler, but that's because this isn't as fizzy (thus not as girly). Basically, if you've just driven home in 95 degree heat, in a bumper-to-bumper traffic situation, with no air conditioning, this is what you want to open up. It tastes quite a bit like lemonade, and who doesn't like lemonade? And since I live in Atlanta (which is closer to the sun than anyplace else on earth), this is even better still. However, I do not recommend drinking this during the Arkansas-Tennessee game, because you are bound to be bitch-slapped. Even Kris' wife would be laughing at you. However, this is what you want to open after mowing the lawn on the hottest day of the year....if a glass of sweet tea isn't available, that is. Plus, this is way better than those other hard lemony drinks I've reviewed.

Reviewed: November 03, 2000

Rating: 7/10

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