Hair of the Dog

Hair of the Dog


Hair of the Dog is a dark ale brewed in Portland, Oregon. Pour it all out slowly at once into a beer mug, put it up against a light, and watch it fizzle like a Diet Pepsi. If you think Barq's has bite then watch out!! This rabid pitbull of an ale will kick your taste buds into high gear with its many flavors. It's thick, smooth, hoppy, slightly sweet, and chocolatey. The taste reminds me of those chocolates filled with rum and a cherry minus the hops. The downfall of this ale is it's variety of flavors which hits your taste buds too fast and too hard. It's like a story with no beginning, no end, and no point whatsoever. Beware! At 10% this ale will bite some peoples head off - not mine though - *smirk*.

Reviewed: December 01, 2000

Rating: 6/10

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