Sleeman Cream Ale

Sleeman Brewery


Mr. Sleeman, you got the lager right, but you messed up on your ale. When you think of "cream" ale you think of a thick drink that goes down smooth. Sleeman Cream Ale goes down flat, with no flavor (watered-down smoothness, right?) followed by a potent after-bitterness that hits you from out of nowhere. This ale tastes like the liquid medicine that most kids dread. Stick to Mr. Sleeman's lager.

Reviewed: December 08, 2000

Rating: 2/10

Unlike Steve S, I liked this. It was smooth, light flavored, and easy to drink. Yes, it wasn't hoppy or heavy, but it was so darn easy to drink, it was like Cool-Aid. Light lagers, compared to this, usually have some harsh watered-down flavor that makes them undrinkable. I could stock my closet full of this and never get tired of it. Not the best beer, but an everyday-beer and we all need one of those (especially in the summer).

Reviewed: March 01, 2003

Rating: 6/10

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