Belzebuth Pur Malt

Brasserie Jeanne D'arc


Brewed since 1997 this incredibly strong 15% beer comes straight out of France. Belzebuth when translated from French to English means Beelzebub, and for those that don't know, Beelzebub is the Devil. Not only will Belzebuth kick your head in with its high alcohol content, but it will also hit your taste buds with lots of different powerful flavors. Speaking of flavors, it tastes almost like brandy, very malty, slightly hoppy, and of course, the alcohol can be felt going from your mouth to your stomach. I don't recommend drinking this beer fast unless you want to get blown away and end up in hang-over Hell in the morning. However, for those that can handle it, knock yourselves out. Check out the fizzle on this puppy, and the crackling sound it makes is even more scary. I'm going to Hell for drinking this.

Reviewed: February 17, 2001

Rating: 6/10

The most interesting thing about this is the warning about operating heavy machinery or drinking while pregnant. At 15%ABV, that's a big no-shit. I think if a pregnant woman drank this, the fetus would jump out and run screaming in terror. This is about as close to drinking Scotch as I'll get. Man, this is potent. I think if the French army consumed this right after facing off against the Wehrmacht, they would've been whipped up into such a Viking-like frenzy, they could've easily repelled the invaders. Alas, if our other reviewer is correct, it's only been brewed since 1997, a little to late. In the middle of winter, when it's 40 below, this gets a 10. But in Atlanta, in the summer, while watching "Clerks", it's a tad lower.

Reviewed: February 05, 2005

Rating: 3/10

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