Upper Canada - Dark Ale

Upper Canada Brewing Co


A blend of selected malts and hops from England gives this ale a very unique taste. Somewhat crisp, goes down smooth, and the after-taste is smoky and coffee-ish. Yes, you heard me right - at the end you'll taste coffee, just like Guinness. It's too bad this ale is an imitation of the real English ales most of us know and love, but I just can't help give credit to the brewerly for doing such a great job. Thick, smooth, this is an ale you want to hang onto after a long day at work - definitely not a party beer.

Reviewed: March 03, 2001

Rating: 7/10

Brewed by a well known microbrew in Ontario, this "dark" beer has a light body which makes it easy drinking, yet still has a dark taste. This makes it a surprisingly good option in hot weather, as it can be quite thirst quenching. It certainly is rich in flavour. You'll taste fruit, toffee, malt, nut; it's all there. I find it kind of sweet, although it leaves you with a long lasting aftertaste which is kind of sour and yeasty. It may take a couple before you enjoy the aftertase. Strangely, this beer tastes better out of the bottle than on tap. Definitely a good option. As far as Canadian dark beers go I'd drink this ahead of Amsterdam Nut Brown, but would drink Fort Garry Dark and Waterloo Dark ahead of this.

Reviewed: December 31, 2004

Rating: 7/10

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