Baron Premium Czech Dark Lager


Czech Republic

Answer: Awesome hockey players and fantastic beer. Question: What are two things to which Americans could not hold the Czech Republic's jock? The more Czech beers I try, the more I want to visit that country. Preferably in October, when hockey has started up, but that's negotiable. People don't realize it, but the Czech Republic has the ultimate Napoleon complex...a little country that has an insane vision of being better than their past oppressors, at all costs. This was proven by their 1-0 beating of Russia in the 1998 Olympics in hockey (which was second only to the US beating the USSR in 1980 in the semifinals) and being better than the Germans at brewing beer. This beer proves my theory. This beer is Elias and Sykora flying in on an odd-man-rush, or Hasek stopping 3 shots while laying on his back, facing away from the play..... simply a beautiful thing that almost takes your breath away. To compare this to Bud is like comparing Czech supermodel Paulina Porizkova to her husband, Rick Ocasik (pardon me if I butchered the spelling). I think you get my point. Excuse me, I need to call my travel agent.

Reviewed: April 07, 2001

Rating: 9/10

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