Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale

Keith's Brewery


I would have to say this is the Holy Grail of beers for me. We've been doing this site for four years, and every few months, someone tells me that I need to try it, but unfortunately it is not available in the US. That is, until Steve Szabo from Toronto was kind enough to send two bottles my way (I've been asking readers from Canada to do this for four years, and we finally got a winner). Just so you know, the name is very much Scottish. Plus, it's brewed in Nova Scotia (New Scotland). So this beer has a very positive Scottish influence, in the fact that it is damn good. Keith's could do quite well marketing this beer south of the border. Plus, with the strength of the US Dollar against the Canadian Dollar, they would bring in some serious cash. But aside from that, if you are an American taking a trip to the Great White North, and you come across this, get a couple of cases, cause you will be SOL when you make it back to the States.

Reviewed: April 15, 2001

Rating: 8/10

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