Brooklyn Pilsner

Brooklyn Brewery


Like all Brooklyn beers, this tastes exactly like it should (assuming the Chocolate Stout is supposed to be filtered by the Kingsford charcoal people). Pilsners are not meant to impress. They are meant to refresh. They are not the generals, more like the sergeants, just getting the job done with no questions asked. This Pils is smooth, refreshing, tasty, and absolutely perfect for the backyard (well, carport, actually) barbecue at Kris' new house when I tried it. This is the beer that Miller, Coors and Bud yearn to be. This is probably not as well made as a Guiness or Sam Smiths, but failing at a Pils is a lot screwing up scrambled eggs. Brooklyn did a good job with this one, and I responded by drinking a few of them.

Reviewed: July 01, 2001

Rating: 7/10

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