Mestansk√Ĺ Pivovar

Czech Republic

This wasn't exactly one of the best Czech beers I've ever had. It comes in a 1/2L bottle costing a few bucks, so it's also questionable wether or not it's worth the price. It was good, I did finish the whole thing, and I did enjoy it, and I would have it again.....if it was cheaper. On the upside, if I bought this at a bar, it would have cost $6-$8, so maybe I got a deal. I know this isn't exactly the most glamorous of reviews, but I'm just being honest. If you can afford it, I recommend it. If you drink Bud not for the taste but for the price, you won't like this beer. For all I know, this is the Budweiser of the Czech Republic. Of course, it goes without saying that this still blows away Bud. No question.

Reviewed: July 01, 2001

Rating: 6/10

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