Samuel Adams Boston Ale

Boston Beer Co


I heard Jim Koch on the Opie and Anthony show (92.3 FM in New York area, coming soon to your town, they're like a virus, and funny as hell, think Howard Stern in about 1986, cause man, he sucks now, just blah blah show me your breasts blah blah hoo-hoo blah blah, not like he was years ago, he was funny then, he should just retire so he doesn't become old and bitter like Don Imus, what an asshole that guy is, looking like a flaming homo with that cowboy hat, what a jackass, anyway, check out O&A). Crap, forgot what I was going to say about Jim Koch. Anyway, he brews Boston Ale, it's got more of a kick than Boston Lager, but good. Try it.

Reviewed: August 25, 2001

Rating: 6/10

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