Red Dragon Light

Red Dragon Breweries


Normally, I stay away from Chinese beer. Not that I hate the Chinese....on the contrary, their food is great, and they have excellent Olympic athletes in gymnastics and diving. They just really really suck at making beer. Nothing personal, they just can't make a decent, drinkable beer. But then again, neither can the French or a certain brewing conglomerate in St Louis, Missouri. This beer once again solidified my beliefs in Chinese beer. It was in the fridge of one of those bars that carries about 100 bottles, and it was sitting with only half the lable visible, right next to Red Stripe (and it was a little dark). So, my first thought was, it was Dragon Light, related to Dragon Stout, a sister beer of Red Stripe. WRONG! No such thing! This was Red Dragon Light, a crappy Chinese beer (sorry, that's redundant, like Smelly French and "That whiny piece of crap Eric Lindros"). I was drinking it with my co-workers, and they all laughed at the really wrinkled face I made. This must be what that guy in the Keystone commercials drank (Ahhh, bitter beer face!). They all then wanted a taste, so it went around the table, where they all made similar Elephant Man-like faces. Worth the price of the bottle. By the time it made it back to me, it was 2/3 empty, so that was a bonus. The moral of this story is, Eric Lindros is a whiny piece of crap. Who probably drinks Chinese beer (Canadian beer would probably give him another concussion).

Reviewed: September 22, 2001

Rating: 1/10

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