Prince Blond Bock


Czech Republic

Yet another addition to Lobkowicz' royalty line (and for those who wake up in the morning just to point out my mistakes: first, bite me, and second, I'm aware that's not what they call it, that's just what I have nicknamed it). This was a welcome addition to my fridge. Actually, a basic typical Czech beer. Now, that might not sound like a glowing review, but when you say that someone is a typical New Jersey Devil (or, for that matter, a typical NJ Devil fan) you know automatically that he is a complete stud, so when you do likewise for Czech beers, you know it's worth dropping a nickel and buying. More on the light side, as opposed to your average bock, and a bit more refreshing. Something that wouldn't be out of place in the summer. I just wish Lobie (again, my nickname) would've made it easy and marketed a sample pack with all of their beers in it. Oh, and in case you're wondering about other comparisons, when one says that a beer is typical for Anheuser Busch, you can use the NY Rangers as a comparison: Old, stale, not much thought going into it, and with their stars out of rehab, not enough alcohol to make the trip worthwhile.

Reviewed: October 09, 2001

Rating: 7/10

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