Peachtree Pale Ale

Atlanta Brewing Co


Another sister beer of the "Red Brick" line, this continues to carry the banner of quality that ABC has thus far displayed. I'm telling you, this brewery easily matches up to Sam Adams. Pale Ales, this being no exception, tend to be a bit too bitter for my particular taste, but I can usually handle in moderation. I sincerely enjoyed this one. This is a cool weather, watch the leaves change, cooking indoors time of year type of beer. Plus, it has enough alcohol to make you feel pretty good about yourself (unless you're a Rangers could you ever feel good about yourself?). I wanted to chill one in the freezer so that I could drink it with dinner, and I forgot about it. 5 hours later, right before bedtime, I remembered it. Most beers would at least have a slush forming in the bottle (Bud would've blown the cap by then). This had nothing. NOTHING! If you want to party using this beer, you better bring your A-game. Leave your knife at home, cause this here is a gunfight.

Reviewed: November 10, 2001

Rating: 7/10

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