HC Berger Whistlepin Wheat Ale

HC Berger Brewing Co


Didn't like it. This was flat right out of the bottle. Literally. I mean, almost no carbonation. I don't know if it was sitting too long, or a fault in bottling, or made that way. It was just flat. Now, in comparing to flat Bud, Miller, or Old Style, this would probably be better. However, when I tried the flat versions of those beers, I was probably late into a college fraternity party, I was pretty drunk, and some jackass may have also tossed a cigarette butt into my beer thinking it had become an ashtray. So, since this came right out of the bottle flat, then I'm scared off. Not God-awful, just going by the old rule that there are plenty of decent ones out there, no need to waste time with this one.

Reviewed: November 22, 2001

Rating: 2/10

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