Rebel Garnet

Mestansk√Ĺ Pivovar

Czech Republic

This is somewhat equivalent to Lev's Black Lion, but not quite as good. Pretty dark, thick, a bit hoppy. Goes down a lot thicker than any Czech lager. Nice purplish color to the label (I guess that would be the garnet), so it is certain to raise questions about one's masculinity. Unless you're a woman drinking this, in which case it will be forever branded a chick drink among your friends. Fortunately, I drank it on Christmas night at home, where no smartass friends would snicker. Certainly not bad, but this will likely cost you, if your local retailer is anything like the one I get my imports from. They are certainly bent on making a profit. Fortunately, this is available in a .5L bottle (I didn't see it in a six pack), so it's not a long-term investment if you don't like it.

Reviewed: December 26, 2001

Rating: 6/10

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