Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome 2001-2002

Samuel Smith's Brewery


I believe that this was better than my recollection of SSWW 1997/1998, but that could have had something to do with the fact that the bar, Gimpi's (Highlands NJ) sucked. Big time. Those sons of bitches ruined that New Years. Well, not ruined, because I spent it with my wife and my best friend Kris. However, we could've gone someplace cool that had a band. When I called them that afternoon, they told me they had a band, but didn't. So screw them. Anyway, back to the beer. Come on, it's Sam Smith's, you'll like it. Trust me. There is a quote on the bottle from Shakespeare, "Blessing of your heart, you brew good ale." Now, that could be like those movie and book reviews that have one non-negative sentence like, "It'll leave you wanting more," or they could have stolen that line from another beer that Willy liked, but in my opinion, he was on target if he was referring to S. Smith's. This beer rang in the 2002 New Year, and it made it quite pleasant. Much better than 1998, no thanks to Gimpi's. Gimpi's, I hope you get burned down by that white trash kid who lived next door to me on Shore Drive.

Reviewed: January 15, 2002

Rating: 8/10

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