St. Peter's Old Style Porter

St. Peter's Brewery


This was originally bought as a novelty, due to the half liter flask-shaped bottle it came in, but turned out to be pretty good (my luck with novelty bottles hasn't been all that stellar, some decent, some absolutely horrible). This has a smoky, coffee-like flavor, and was overall pretty typical of English porters (only Americans brew beers that don't fit the style to which they claim to be brewed to). It finished pretty good, not too bitter, so it went down smooth (you won't be wondering how to get the aftertaste out of your mouth, in otherwords). If held up to a light, it has a really cool reddish color, otherwise this is the same color as root beer. What else can I say except that if you like porters, I think you'll like this. If you're not familiar with the style, it's one step down from a stout, if that helps decide whether or not to sample.

Reviewed: February 02, 2002

Rating: 7/10

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