HC Berger Chocolate Stout

HC Berger Brewing Co


Most stouts are very multi-dimensional, meaning that they hit several senses, and even have multiple flavors in them (example, hop bitterness is tasted on the back of your tongue...no clue what the other parts taste). This, however, is only about one or two dimensional. It was kind of flat (carbonated flat, that is), so not that foamy (which translates to taste, too), and had a bit of the coffee and hop flavor common to stouts. Other than that, it wasn't exactly an attack on the senses, which is what makes a stout worthwhile to drink. If I want a beer with that's average, I'll have a basic ale. This wasn't a bad beer, just not fantastic. On the upside, I recall similar beers (chocolate stouts) tasting like they were filtered through a bag of used Kingsford. This did not have that taste, so I guess it wasn't that bad. Could be worse.

Reviewed: February 09, 2002

Rating: 5/10

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