Merlin's Ale

Broughton Ales


After injuring my back falling into the shower this morning (no wise cracks, please) and then spending four hours at the scene of an accident where a rather large dump truck plowed into a rather defenseless tree, I felt I could use a beer. Grabbing at random in the fridge, I came up with this. Not too bad, actually. It only has 4.2% alcohol, so it won't knock your typical bud drinker on his ass (if said drinker is smart enough to find it). That's about it, actually. Good beer.

Reviewed: February 16, 2002

Rating: 6/10

Am I the only one who thought, after the shower comment, that this review would end with him at the hospital having the beer extricated from his rectum because he "accidentally" fell on it in the shower (like all the poor gerbils and bicycle handles out there)?


Rating: /10

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