St. Peter's Wheat Ale

St. Peter's Brewery


This comes in their signature flask bottle (as do all their beers, I believe). Most wheat beers I've had have a certain creaminess to them, which I didn't find in this one. The most dominating characteristic was the medium bitterness from the hop content....not as prominent as a real IPA or Best Bitter, but still noticeable, but very well balanced. I could swear that there was a hint of a fruity background to this, but it wasn't in a negative way (I don't usually care for fruity beers). This also poured kind of flat, but it didn't hurt too much, unlike those HC Berger beers that I tried. However, this was kind of pricey, and wasn't all that outstanding. Drinkable, but a lot of beers are drinkable. You will get a novelty bottle if you like homebrewing, but that's about it.

Reviewed: March 02, 2002

Rating: 6/10

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