Columbia Brewery


OK so this beer sucks. Good commercials, lots of hype, it's a well known party beer in Western Canada and it's making it's way east. It's easy drinking because it's watery. Kind of like Coors Light with some kick. But it tastes kind of like plastic, or was that sasquatch piss? Maybe both, no that's too harsh. But it doesn't taste good. If you drink it cold enough it's alright for a party or a bbq, but that's about it. There is a myth that the stuff you can buy in BC (where it's brewed) is better than what you can buy in Ontario (where people suspect that Labatt may mass produce it). That is a myth because I've tested them side by side and they were both equally bad. My theory is that people who grew up in Western Canada but have since moved to Ontario have fond memories of drinking this stuff at bush parties and weekend pissers while they were in high school. When they try it now they can't believe that they used to like this stuff, and thus the myth was born.

Reviewed: September 02, 2006

Rating: 3/10

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