Samuel Smith's Organically Produced Ale

Samuel Smith's Brewery


OK, I will admit it. I don't have a high opinion of anything "organic," nor do I think much of those who insist on buying organic. Let's face it. If it's organic, then it's got all sorts of bacteria, bugs and other crap on it. And if natural fertilizer is involved, well, face it, you've got crap on your veggies. I've built up a healthy resistance to the chemicals, so when the nuclear war comes, I'll survive with all of the cockroaches (mmmm, Cockroach Beer). I want to know that no crawlies could survive in the beer. With that said, this was yummy. I had a really crappy day at work, I came home, and this was sitting in the fridge, bought a few weeks prior but never got around to drinking. This was worth the wait. Nice balanced flavor, not too bitter, but not too light flavored, so it was good for a chilly winter night (which, in Atlanta, is all of about 35 degrees F). And I couldn't taste any manure at all, which is a plus for any beer, organic or not. Hippies, you'll love this, and for all of us normal people, you'll like it too.

Reviewed: April 20, 2002

Rating: 7/10

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