Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale

Flying Fish Brewing Co


Boy, you'd think with a name like this the stuff would be gross. Brewed in my home state of NJ, I was on business up there (from Atlanta), and of course travelling on business sucks. So at the end of a particularly sucky day, I went into Red Bank, sat down at Danny's Steak House, ordered a nice $20 prime rib (expense account, of course), and washed it down with this tasty beverage. The steak was huge, the beer was great, and the conversation didn't suck. All on the company tab. Gotta love it. Would this beer have tasted so good if I wasn't willing (at the time) to walk over my mother for a beer? Probably not. But it was there at the right place, right time, and it came through for me (like Claude Lemieux in the playoffs, the gay Frog), so it wins points.

Reviewed: April 20, 2002

Rating: 7/10

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