Killian's Red

Coors Brewing Co


Killian's has had the most consistent flavor and quality of any mass-brewed US beer that I've ever had. It has a nice sweet flavor and a reddish color from the caramel malts used to brew this. What's nice is, most decent restaurants keep this on tap, or at least have it in bottles. There are hundreds of flavors of beers out there that can compliment food, but most places waste that by having the basic Bud, Bud Light, Miller Light, etc, and for imports they carry Corona and Heineken. Given such basic selections, I more than happily grab a Killians. Coors bought this brewery and brought it from Ireland to the US when they were getting run out of business by Guinness, and we've benefited ever since.

Reviewed: October 04, 2003

Rating: 8/10

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