Rogue Yellow Snow Ale

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I was always taught never to eat yellow snow. Since I was raised in a state that actually got snow, this advise was not lost on me. That advice won't mean a thing to my Georgia-born daughter, but that's her loss. However, I just learned that while it's not advisable to eat the yellow snow, there is nothing wrong with drinking it. That's right, you can drink this yellow snow, and it's well worth your time. This pours just like a beautiful draught ale, creamy, nice frothy head, gorgeous golden color. Nice on the senses, kind of like Katarina Witt (from here on out, any beer that looks good in a glass will be compared to the ultimate eye candy, Katarina Witt...except Aussie beers, which will be compared to Elle MacPherson). Anyway, This has a gazillion ingredients. Well, 10 actually. NW Harrington, Crystal, Triumph, Maier Munich and C-15 malts, Styrian Golding and Amarillo hops, and Pacman yeast, free range coastal waters (what you give to free range chickens to drink) and juniper berries. Now, I couldn't tell you how all of these would make a difference on their own (except I know Pacman yeast eats cherries and hates ghosts), and I wouldn't know a juniper berry if it bit me in the ass, but there was an oh so slight fruity sensation that might be from the berries. Or maybe not. But it was pleasant. The whole beer was pleasant. To top it off, it came in a just-under 2/3 liter bottle, so there was lots of it, all to myself. Take it from me....It's OK to drink the Yellow Snow (TOBP not responsible for any little kids who get sick because they tried to drink actual yellow snow, however, we will forward all such incidents to the Darwin Awards).

Reviewed: May 25, 2002

Rating: 8/10

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