Young's Dirty Dick's Ale

Wells & Young's Brewing Co


(Reviewed by Brent C) At first sip I thought I was sucking on the bottom of a coffee filter. It's definitely an ale with "texture". By the third sip I was amazed at how smooth the drink was, while at the same time having the taste of chocolate dirt. I can only give it a 7 because it's hard for me to think of drinking more than a pint in a sitting. Young's Dirty Dick is probably more popular between Catholic Priests I'm sure. Starting the night with this will crank up your taste buds, while ending the night with it will probably have you wish you had ordered a Newcastle instead.

Reviewed: July 21, 2002

Rating: 7/10

I'll admit it, I bought this for the name. That was my only motivation. If you brew a beer called Skanky Ass or Old Butt Crack, I'm buying them, too. I may not like them, but by God I will review them. Of course, in this case Dirty Dick was a patron at Young's pub in London back in the 18th century, and he happened to have an aversion to bathing. Dirty Dick's had a mellow flavor, a deep red color, made for a nice relaxing pint, and for those to whom it matters, is a CAMRA-approved ale (note, I'm talking about the ale, not the pub patron; I doubt he had a mellow flavor if he never bathed).

Reviewed: December 31, 2004

Rating: 6/10

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