Castle Lager

South African Breweries

South Africa

This the flagship beer that made SAB rich. It's aggressively marketed all across Africa, definitely a mass produced beer. I feel like I should hate it but I've always liked it, and I still do. It's an easy drinking lager with a good beer taste, simple but good. This beer is made with maize and you can taste a little bit of sweetness in the beer because of it. Perhaps it is that subtle taste difference that makes me like this better than a lot of the average lagers. The aftertaste is minimal as is the aftermath of drinking a few of these. It's stayed clear of being overly carbonated and chemical tasting which is generally the downfall of mass produced mega brews. Overall this is an enjoyable lager and worth giving a chance.

Reviewed: August 13, 2002

Rating: 8/10

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