Samuel Adams Light

Boston Beer Co


Yummy. Drinking this fantastic new brew from Jim Koch, several phrases lept to mind. "Light and dainty" wasn't one of them. Neither was "tasty residue of doughy sweetness". What's the point, you might ask, if you were sitting next to me as I write this, following that up with a stern Get to the point already, but you aren't sitting next to me, and the music I'm playing is so loud that it would drown you out even if you were. Those two phrases were used to describe some beer in my beer-a-day calendar. Would you like to drink a beer that tasted of "doughy sweetness"? Neither would I, and that's why this review is for Sam Adams Light. In a nutshell, it kicks ass.

Reviewed: March 01, 2003

Rating: 8/10

I tried and tried. I will even try again. However, I just can't muster the enthusiasm that those dorks in the commercials seem to have for this beer. "Whoooo, that's what I'm talking about." What the hell are you talking about? Can't be about this beer, that's for sure. I'll admit, compared to Miller Lite, Bud Light and Natural Light this is FAR superior (mind you, having my wisdom teeth removed was superior to drinking Natural Light). However, it's not as good as Atlanta-brewed Kelly's Light, and it's a heck of a lot more expensive than the domestic mass-brewed beers, and it can't hold a candle to Amstel Light, which has FEWER calories and more flavor. If I'm feeling like a need a light beer, I'm going for Amstel or Kelly's. Sam Adams just doesn't cut it. I'm not pouring it down the drain, but I'm not going to justify the cost either.

Reviewed: March 01, 2003

Rating: 6/10

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