Flying Dog Road Dog Scottish Porter

Flying Dog Brewery LLC


You gotta love a beer that says "Good beer, no shit" on the label. And seriously, this is a good beer. No shit. This is a little lighter in coloring than most porters you'll come across, and not as thick and creamy. I kept tasting dark semi-sweet chocolate in Hershey's Special Dark, and of course that also brought to mind a coffee flavor, too. This is a sipping beer, so relax with this one. I think it carries its share of alcohol too, but I can't verify since the bottle doesn't give the ABV. I could research that, but you read this page for my strong opinions, not my researching ability, so look it up yourself. Overall, I have to say I would try this again.

Reviewed: September 20, 2002

Rating: 7/10

Sure wish I could gush about this beer, because porter is my favorite style. But unfortunately, this beer follows the rule of the cooler the beer label, the duller the beer. The label has funky, angular, toothy winged dogs, with flashy splahes of color hither and yon, so It's kind of a collectors' item. Then you pour the beer, take a sip, and yawn. You wind up wishing you'd paid the same money for Anchor's offering, or even Redhook's. Don't get me wrong--it still is a hell of a lot more interesting than pale yellow, anemic carbonated rice-malt (like other brewers' offerings I need not name), but does that really say much when there are even more interesting brews out there? Buy this if you're interested in the label. Then prepare to be bored.

Reviewed: May 22, 2004

Rating: 5/10

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