Rogue Buckwheat Ale

Rogue Ales


I have to say that this ale was O-Tay. Get it? O-tay? Ah, bite me. Seriously, this is so named because of the 650 Lbs of roasted buckwheat in each 50 bbl batch. Now, I wouldn't know buckwheat if it bit me in the ass or I was lost in a field of it, but I can say this was a damn good beer. There was a hoppy aroma and taste, and the overall taste was reminiscent of light bread. Like most Rogue beers, this has more ingredients than an Emeril recipe, but unlike the USA's shadow government, you know what's in it, cause they're listed on the label. Plus, this beer is dedicated to "the entrepreneurial spritis who helped America survive Prohibition." There, that alone is reason to drink this. Be warned, it comes in a pricey 650 mL bottle.

Reviewed: September 20, 2002

Rating: 8/10

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