Samuel Adams Weiss Bier

Boston Beer Co


OK, I take back what I said about Sam Adams Oktoberfest. THIS is the best Sam Adam's beer I've ever had. This is exactly what a Weiss bier should taste like. Malty, kind of fizzy, a slight lemony taste, only the slightest hint of hops (sometimes you just don't need the hoppiness). Save the barley for your liquor, we're bringing out the wheat and we're brewing gold. This is the American beer that I've been looking for all these years. Sadly, Sam will probably dump this in favor of some crappy seasonal beer (or at least mediocre), so drink it while you can. This is what I chose for the season finale of "24" and I ended an f'in awesome TV show with an f'in awesome beer. Excuse me, I have to go drink another one.

Reviewed: October 13, 2002

Rating: 9/10

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