Labatt Blue (Canada)

Labatt Breweries


This was purchased at The Beer Store in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, while I was on vacation, and came in a nice 650 mL bottle (approx. 24 oz). Hearing for years that the Labatt exported to the US sucked compared to the stuff sold in Canada, and liking Labatt, I jumped at the chance to buy this. I stuck the bottle into my cooler, drove back across the border to Michigan, and anticipated a great after-dinner beer. What I found instead horrified me so much, I almost cried. American Labatt is better tasting than Canadian Labatt!!! Sure, the Canadian stuff has more alcohol (5%, whereas ours is what, 4.5?), but I guess you need that extra kick to make you forget you're drinking the stuff. This tasted like I was drinking it right out of a can, I swear. And the flavor was a bit on the watery side, very little going for it in the way of flavor. Ours doesn't either, so maybe it's the can taste that does it. All I know is, I was very disappointed. Good thing I picked up a case of some decent Canadian beer while I was there.

Reviewed: November 02, 2002

Rating: 5/10

I found a bottle of this in my fridge once. Somebody had brought some beer over and left it. Being the only beer left in the place I drank it. Well half of it. It tasted skunky, but at the same time watery. I checked the date on it. No reason it should be skunky. And so it reconfirmed why I don't drink it. It's overly carbonated and just doesn't taste good. And it's not a lack of taste, it's a bad taste. It's not watery enough to pound back in a hurry if that's what you're up to. Which is probably why the Canadian trailer park population has responded well to the marketing of American beers (brewed by breweries like Labatt and Molson at around 5% alcohol) like Bud and Coors Light. They can pound that foreign swill back twice as fast as they can pound back the local swill.

Reviewed: August 23, 2003

Rating: 2/10

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