Miller High Life

Miller Brewing Co


This is the granddaddy of the Miller line, the equivalent of seeing someone smoke unfiltered Lucky're just not going to see your buddies in their 20's drink this. My choice for this "Champagne of Beers" was the 24 oz can, AKA "The Silo" as it's known in Wisconsin (I was paying for gas at the Mobil in Merrill WI, saw this in the cooler, and decided "it was time"). This was the classic can, with the girl sitting in the crescent moon, Miller's official logo from about a century ago. You can taste the can when drinking, and when poured into a glass that metallic hint is still there. However, I believe this is higher in alcohol than most, so by the time you drink the whole Silo, I'm not sure you'd care. If you don't care about calories, I would suggest this over MGD or Miller Lite, but I'd recommend you try it from a bottle. Actually, not a bad beer when compared to other "American Light Lagers" (beer-speak for cheap mega-brewed beer), so when comparing in context, it earns points. Don't make fun of this, folks, this could be your new cheap beer when money is tight.

Reviewed: November 02, 2002

Rating: 6/10

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