Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar

Rogue Ales


I think if you like Rogue beers, you'll like this. However, I have to say that I was a little, for lack of a better word, disappointed. It was a great beer, and I think it would be the perfect winter beer. But, I drank this early in the summer, when it's hot here in Atlanta, and not the time for an ale like this. While being the color of average brown ales, it had a strong stout-like flavor to it, definitely something I was not in the mood for. And I have to say that I couldn't detect any trace of hazelnut. Maybe I was having a bad day. I'll try this again, but I'll pick the time a bit more carefully. As always, Rogue lists the ingredients and the chemical characteristics, which is pretty cool. I would still like to know what Free Range Coastal Waters are, though.

Reviewed: November 09, 2002

Rating: 7/10

I'm happy that Rogue is constantly putting out specialty brews; I think experimentation helps the craft brewing industry, and certainly continues to keep a variety of beers on the market for us eclectic types. Still, just as with their Chipotle Ale, this one proved to me that some beers work and some don't. I'm already not too thrilled with brown ales. They just sit too heavy and sweet. This one tastes like an after-dinner coffee liqueur: syrupy sweet, with an annoyingly obvious hazelnut taste and aftertaste. Sorry, but at the risk of pissing off people, I have to deem this beer a "chick beer". Though, to her ever-lasting credit, my wife wrinkled her nose at this, and in her usual succinct manner, simply said, "Too sweet." Have I mentioned lately I love my wife?

Reviewed: March 19, 2006

Rating: 5/10

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