"Now richer and smoother" says the label. Richer? YES! Smoother? Well, yes, I guess (I've never understood the word "smooth" when applied to beer. Does it mean bland or malty?) Anyway, Cascades and Saaz hops are now used to push O'Doul's into a rating of 6.

Reviewed: October 02, 1999

Rating: 6/10

I sampled this at T&A’s, a strip club in New York State, a juice bar chock full of whores, strippers, and the stench of lives wasted and money poorly spent (aka The Stench of Whores). And since it’s full-nude, there is no alcohol (a good thing, since the whores would undoubtedly take you for even MORE money), so you must settle for water, soda or O’Douls. All in all, not bad, so if you want to look at whores dancing while sober (you, not the whores…the whores are probably hopped up on goofballs), this will accompany such debauchery nicely.

Reviewed: August 14, 2004

Rating: 8/10

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